At Superior Stone, we are very appreciative to the fact that making an investment in a landscape project is an exciting experience, yet costly at the same time.  We would like you, our potential client to be equipped with the right knowledge and information before you get your project started!  He are the answers we have to some commonly asked questions based on the way we conduct our business and install our projects. Q:  How much do you require for a deposit? A:  We only require a very small percentage of the job cost, ranging from 5-10%.  The purpose of a small deposit is simply to secure your estimated start date and allow us to proceed to the next steps in the process by finalizing your design and getting the products and colours selected.  Many companies require large deposits long before a project is even started, and I don’t want any of my customers to have paid a large sum towards their project before they have received their product and service. Q:  Once you begin our job, are you here every day? A:  Once a project is started, our team will be working on your site, full  8-12 hr days, 5-6 days a week until the project is completed and is yours to enjoy! Q:  Do you guarantee your work? A:  We provide you with a written and signed FIVE year warranty from the date of completion, covering any irregular settlement or defective workmanship whatsoever.  Our warranty will include any materials and labour necessary in the repair of the affected areas.  Our goal is to repair any warranty work within 30 days of assessing the area in need of repair. We’re confident that you won’t be calling us back for a repair but to set up a meeting towards completing the next phase of your outdoor home makeover itinerary.  Q:  Are you insured? A:  Our employee’s are fully covered by WSIB insurance, and we carry a liability policy of $2,000,000.00 covering bodily injury and property damage. We play by the rules folks! Q:  How much base do you install underneath your paver’s and walls? A:  Each and every job is different in its own nature.  The base depth will be noted on your estimate and will be up to our discretion in accordance with strict base preparation methods recommended by the ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute of North America). The foundations we so carefully prepare go hand in hand with our Five year warranty and your piece of mind. Q:  Do you use edge restraints on your installations? A:  In the installation of our paving stone projects, edge restraints are not optional, they are mandatory and are included in the price of our jobs.  Edge restraints are 100% necessary in maintaining a tight perimeter interlock and aiding in the long term structural integrity of a job withstanding loading forces equivalent to that of a heavily trafficked residential driveway. Q:  What type of sand do you use to fill the joints? A:  We only use the top quality polymeric sands that are available to us through our local dealer’s.  Polymeric sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand.  Once installed properly this product sets in a matter of hours and becomes very firm locking between the concrete paver joints.  This firm bond helps maintain pavers securely in place while preventing the growth of weeds and deterring insects and joint erosion.  Without the use of properly installed polymeric jointing sand, your interlocking stone job may become a home for a haven for unwanted weeds and insects.
Important Q & A to help you gain confidence in Superior Stone and help you make an informed decision.
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