To put it simply, our goals in accomplishing the new favourite backyard for family and friends to enjoy or the most exquisite front entryway on the street goes hand in hand with using only the best products in the business!  We’re always maintaining a strong partnership with the industry leaders in paving stone and retaining wall products, because not only do they have a ‘lifetime guarantee’ on their product integrity but every year they continue to deliver the next best thing.   Permacon, Techo-Bloc and Unilock are the true innovators in the industry .  Depending on the nature of your property and the style and colouring presented by the exterior of your home, I will always have product choices in mind that are bound to leave you dazzled.  Superior Stone has taken the necessary steps to become a pre-qualified company with all three of these industry leaders as a part of their recommended referral programs.  This means something here folks; they have already done part of the prequalifying for you! If you’d like to step it up a notch and use Real 100% Natural stone for your front entryway or backyard retreat, that’s when we get really excited!  Natural stone is always more costly but for the discerning individual that is after nothing less than the real thing, we’ve got the eye for stone.  We carefully hand select all of our natural stone from only the best local suppliers that are always stocked with A-grade Flagstone, coping  stone and an abundance of unique slabs and Armour stone.  More often than not in our past projects, we’re often combining elements of the design with Natural stone and paving stone products that complement one another in a seamless fashion. When it comes to unique perennials, hearty shrubs and elegant feature trees that we select to put the finishing touches on your newly cultivated garden beds, we also believe in purchasing only the best local quality. We are fortunate to be in an area that boasts nurseries such as Connons, that are devoted to growing and supplying a magnificent selection of Horticultural beauty.  We have the knowledge and design expertise to create absolutely gorgeous gardens of unique complimentary style with the right plants!
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The answer here is obvious my friends, we love stone, it’s what we do best!
We have carefully selected the finest suppliers for the best quality paving stones and Premium Grade “A” natural stone to help ensure that you love your finished product, and that those feelings will last a lifetime.